USpeed Game Engine©

Name USpeed Game Engine
Copyright© USpeed
Compatibility - Windows XP/Vista/7
- PlayStation Portable
Released on : 07/27/2010 13:00
Last updated on : 06/01/2013 18:30
Download SDK - Ready to use (6.60 MB)
Download API documentation (631 KB)


The USpeed Game Engine© is a game engine featuring tools to help game developpers on Microsoft Windows XP© (and above) and Sony PlayStation Portable©.

Built-in, the engine provides :

  • 2D and 3D accelerated rendering (OpenGL or PSP-GU).
  • PNG or JPEG loading and convertion to a texture.
  • Read/Write PNG/Jpeg images.
  • WAV audio format support.
  • MODULE/FastTrack musics support.
  • TrueTypeFont (.ttf) font support (loading and screen rendering).
  • Keyboard, mouse and gamepads support (under Windows).
  • Network layer for TCP/IP client and server.

Here is the overview of how the USpeed Game Engine© does work :

User guide


In order to compile a project for Windows use MinGW. To compile for PSP use PSP-SDK. Those softwares are available here :

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