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Hi there !

It have been a long time since there are no news on USpeed Devs !? So here we go ! First, all download links have been restored and are now working (from game to engine !). The USpeed Game Engine v2 has been update with minor changes (few bug fixes).

We are currently working on the next version of the engine, that's why all the games under devlopement are paused. It means that projects T-Darlinko Overdose and Bah-DD will be release as soon has USGE v3 is ready !

See you soon on USpeed Devs.


USpeed Game Engine : version 2.0.222 released !


Lastest version of the USpeed Game Engine is now online from now ! New features are available and many fixes and improvements have been made in both version : Windows and PSP.

If you encounter any issue during migration of your project from v2.166 to 2.0.222, please, contact us using Contact tab !

Have a nice day !


USpeed Profile Manager v1.0.35 is out !


The brand new version of USpeed Profile Manager is now available here ! It's available in two sub-versions : a light (without PNG support, only BMP for your profile icon), and a full version.

Both versions can run in a wide range of versions of PSP custom firmwares !

Tested firmwares :

  • PSP - Custom Firmware v5.50 - M33
  • PSP - Custom Firmware v6.38 - ME
  • PSP - Custom Firmware v6.39 - ME 8.1, 9.1 and 9.2
  • PSP - Light Custom Firmware v6.39 - ME 9.1 and 9.2



New server is operationnal


Some of you may have seen that server has changed recently. That caused T-Darlinko online functions didn't work any more. Nevertheless, the new game version - 2.80 - fix it using last update of USpeed Game Engine !

Please, excuse us for disagreement.

T-Darlinko Overdose announced !


A new game developped especially for the PSP Genesis competition 2011 as been added to the games library : T-Darlinko Overdose.

This game is a sequel to T-Darlinko, the first game developped for the USpeed Game Engine available here http://u.speed.free.fr/ for PSP and Windows.

T-Darlinko Overdose is a new Tetris-like game featuring lots of features :

  • Play 4 T-Darlinko games at the same time on a cube.
  • Adventure mode featuring a story, a world map, different levels, and different endings.
  • Quick play mode.
  • A lot of game modes.
  • Statistics.
  • Savegame.
  • XP ladder.
  • Mini-games.
  • Original music.
  • Online services.
  • French and English translation.
  • Integration with USpeed Devs web site with US-Points and Features.

Get training on T-Darlinko !!!!

USpeed Profile Manager : your PSP needs this plugin !


As an entry for the PSP Genesis Competition 2011 (url : http://wololo.net/genesis), i've done a plugin that I wanted to do since a long time : a profile manager. It's yet done !

Meanwhile, I'm projecting to release another entry : a small PSP software to allow you to create simply a new profile.

All that just for waiting my new game project T-Darlinko Overdose ! This game will be developed by USpeed and Darlinko although as an entry for the PSP Genesis Competition 2011 ! You can easily understand we can't work on BahDD Project during the while, so that project is became idle... for the moment !

Want to play now ? Play T-Darlinko !

USpeed Game Engine update


USpeed Game Engine is back with brand new 3D possibilities ! The new version is 2.166.2010.12.17.

Here is a list of the updates made to the engine :

  • Compatibility with MS Visual C++ 2010 Express
  • Interpolation class for animations
  • TARGA images support (TGA)
  • Implementation of Bullets Physics (Physics engine)
  • Implementation of Lua script language
  • New minimalist C language API.
  • New "us3dm" files : USpeed 3D models
  • Support different materials for rendering 3D models
  • Mouse support
  • "Log" class
  • Lightings support
  • Camera support

Currently, we are working on a 3D scene editor that will be online soon. A 3D model converter will arrive although soon with 3DSMax and Ligthwave support.

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