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USpeed Profile Manager v1.0.35

Name USpeed Profile Manager
Version 1.0.35
Copyright© USpeed
Compatibility - PlayStation Portable
Released on : 03/13/2011 13:00
Last updated on : 08/11/2011 18:00
US-Points 0 US-Points : 0
Challenges 0 Challenges : 0
Features 0 Features : 0
Download v1.0.25 (35 KB)
Download v1.0.34 (172 KB)
Download v1.0.35 (197 KB)
USpeed Profile Manager - USpeed

Boried about all these games that don't allow you to create as many save games as you want ? I think I have a solution ! This plugin will switch between profiles you create to allow you to separate savegames. Your girlfriend will never kill your stats again !!! ;) Usefull : After XMB load, current profile is displayed

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